PhD defences - PhD defence of Gabriël Konat @TUDelft

23 Sep 2019

Gabriël Konat will defend his PhD thesis titled "Language-Parametric Methods for Developing Interactive Programming Systems" on November 18 at 15:00, location Aula Congress Centre, Delft University of Technology. Hi PhD thesis is about language-parametric methods for developing interactive programming systems. A language-parametric method takes as input a description of a programming language (such as a DSL), and automatically implements (parts of) an interactive programm...

New people & guests - 4 Tenure Track Positions - Information Technology Group at Wageningen University

23 Sep 2019

Are you an expert in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Data Science or Business Information Technology? Are you interested in contributing to the development of smart socio-technical systems? Are you willing to excel further in your career in a vibrant research environment which supports excellence, innovation and collaboration? We are looking for you! Wageningen University is a top-class university, ranking among the world's leading institutions in the food, ...

Awards and prizes - Best paper and presentation award at ESEC/FSE'19 Doctoral Symposium for Jasper Denkers

23 Sep 2019

Jasper Denkers, a PhD student from the TU Delft Programming Languages research group, recently received both the best paper and best presentation award at the ESEC/FSE'19 Doctoral Symposium. The paper discusses his PhD progress and plans on A longitudinal field study on creation and use of domain-specific languages in industry.  

Awards and prizes - Moritz Beller wins IPA Best Dissertation Award 2018

23 Sep 2019

Moritz Beller wins the IPA Best Dissertation Award 2018 for his PhD thesis entitled An Empirical Evaluation of Feedback-Driven Software Development, in which he investigates how software developers deal with feedback during the development process. To this end he performed empirical research on how software developers deal with testing. He developed an infrastructure supporting automatic telemetry, and used this infrastructure for large scale analysis of software developers' behaviour. Resu...

Projects - Software Engineering for Machine Learning Applications

23 Sep 2019

As part of the HBO-postdoc grant Applied Data Science: slimme ICT-producten die leren van data, Petra Heck (Fontys Applied University) set out to investigate how software engineering changes when engineering AI-enabled systems. She is looking for other people working on this topic. See this post for contact details. 

Projects - Veni grant on "Composable and Safe-by-Construction Programming Language Definitions" for Casper Bach Poulsen

23 Sep 2019

Casper Bach Poulsen (TU Delft) has been awarded an NWO Veni grant for his proposal entitled Composable and Safe-by-Construction Programming Language Definitions. Type-checked languages are invaluable tools for developing complex software because they automatically guarantee the absence of certain errors. However, developing and extending type-checked languages is prohibitively hard. This project will develop techniques for safe-by-construction,composable language definitions to facilitate th...

Awards and prizes - 2 VERSEN Thesis awards: PhD and Master

23 Sep 2019

To further promote and encourage excellence in software engineering research, VERSEN has introduced two thesis awards: the VERSEN PhD thesis award the VERSEN Master thesis award The awards are indications of excellence that can support talent in future applications in the current competitive academic climate. The awards are supported by NWO and promoted at ICT.Open.   The theses will be judged on the following factors, in equal parts: Novelty to and impact in the fi...

Anton Wijs in I/O Magazine

24 Jul 2019

Please find an interesting contribution about how GPUs are used for software model checking, and how this is multitudes more efficient than CPUs. Sorry for Dutch.

Awards - ICSE 2019 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper to Roberto Verdecchia

17 Jun 2019

The research “Scalable Approaches for Test Suite Reduction“, co-authored by Roberto Verdecchia, a double-Ph.D. Candidate of the S2Group (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and of CS@GSSI group (Gran Sasso Science Institute), has been selected as one of the ICSE 2019 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper awardees. Distinguished Papers represent the very best contributions to the Technical Track of ICSE, the premiere annual conference in the field of software engineering. The research was carried out j...

Awards - ICSE 2019 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper to Alexander Serebrenik

17 Jun 2019

Paper co-authored by Alexander Serebrenik (Eindhoven University of Technology) has been selected as one of the ICSE 2019 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper awardees. Distinguished Papers represent the very best contributions to the ICSE Technical Track, and are awarded to up to 10% of the papers. The paper, entitled "Going Farther Together: The Impact of Social Capital on Sustained Participation in Open Source", is co-authored Huilian Sophie Qiu (CMU, USA), Alexander Nolte (University of Tartu,...