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Awards - MOBILESoft 2020 Best Paper Award for VU researchers

At the 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft 2020), the Best Paper Award was awarded to the study "Leave my Apps Alone! A Study on how Android Developers Access Installed Apps on User's Device" by Gian Luca Scoccia, Ibrahim Kanj (a VU Master student), Ivano Malavolta (member of the S2 group at the VU), and Kaveh Razavi (former-VU assistant professor).

The paper and replication package are available here:

PhD defences - Tukaram Muske defended his thesis on postprocessing static analysis alarms

Tukaram Muske has successfully defended a PhD thesis on postprocessing static analysis alarms.


Static analysis, which detects errors in the source code without actually running it, is an important automated program analysis technique to find common programming errors and report on points of interest that could be errors.
Considering the effectiveness and usefulness of static analysis, a wide range of static analysis tools have been developed. However, these tools are known to generate a large number of false alarms. Tukaram Muske has developed alarm postprocessing techniques that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to inspect those alarms manually.
Reducing the number of static analysis alarms is an important challenge that academia and industry are both working on. Reporting fewer alarms by suppressing a subset of alarms is dangerous, because it can lead to missing critical errors. Muske addresses the problem of large numbers of alarms by processing the alarms after they are generated: postprocessing.
The postprocessing techniques designed by Muske work regardless of the static analysis tool in use, and manage to reduce the number of alarms by up to 36% and the time required to automatically eliminate false positives by up to 60%. This could prove an important time and cost savings and enable faster and more accurate response to software errors.

Tukaram Muske has conducted his research at the Tata Research Development and Design Center (Pune, India). He has been supervised by Alexander Serebrenik and Mark van den Brand (Eindhoven University of Technology). The PhD thesis can be found online:

Awards - Best paper award at SEAA 2020 to RUG researchers

Yikun Li, Mohamed Soliman, and Paris Avgeriou from the University of Groningen won a best paper award at Euromicro SEAA 2020 for their work on “Identification and Remediation of Self-Admitted Technical Debt in Issue Trackers”. The worked investigated to what extent software developers admit technical debt in issue trackers as they do in source code comments (e.g. "to do/fix"). It also studies in detail how developers identify and resolve technical debt in (Jira) issues.



New people & guests - Vadim Zaytsev is a new Associate Professor in Twente

Vadim Zaytsev, also known as grammarware, is appointed as Associate Professor of Software Evolution at the Formal Methods & Tools research group at the University of Twente. He started in July 2020.

Vadim is getting back to academia after spending several years developing compilers and software migration tools in the industry, analysing and transforming porftolios full of code in languages like COBOL, PL/I, HLASM and many 4GLs, as well as acting as a Chief Science Officer at Raincode Labs, encouraging industry-academic collaboration in various forms, from sponsoring conferences to running joint projects with Belgian universities. In the past, he has worked at CWI (the SWAT team), UvA, VU, etc. In the future, he is looking forward to teaching software evolution and software modelling related courses and continuing his research activities about grammarware, software language engineering, evolution of legacy systems, artefact transformation and differencing, compiler testing, and language design. He has been a member of VERSEN since its first day.


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