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From the VERSEN board

The VERSEN board has grown again: Andy Zaidman (TU Delft) and Sven-Bodo Scholz (RU Nijmegen) have joined the board. Welcome!

Now that our Software Manifesto is nearly finished, the next step is to bring it to the attention of policy makers, other scientists, journalists and the general public. On October 11, we will meet with the board to develop a strategy for this.

In the mean time, we are still working on improving the VERSEN communication strategy, and in particular how to develop communication actions that can appeal to a wider audience. Any ideas about this are welcome!

Next year, at ICT.Open there will be a VERSEN track again, which will be organised by Eelco Visser and Gabriele Keller. The set-up of the track will be similar to the one of this year.

On behalf of the VERSEN board members,
Marieke Huisman (chair)

Awards and prizes - 2 VERSEN Thesis awards: PhD and Master

To further promote and encourage excellence in software engineering research, VERSEN has introduced two thesis awards:

The awards are indications of excellence that can support talent in future applications in the current competitive academic climate.

The awards are supported by NWO and promoted at ICT.Open.
The theses will be judged on the following factors, in equal parts:

  • Novelty to and impact in the field promoted by VERSEN
  • Timeliness
  • Quality of the thesis report and associated artifacts
  • Methodological approach and execution

Please note that the thesis will be published on the VERSEN website and cannot contain any intellectual property that is not public. If applicable, we will also publish links to associated artifacts (datasets, Github links, etc.).
Procedure Thesis Awards 2019
The Award can only be awarded to students who have obtained their degree from a Dutch institute of higher academic learning between September 1st, 2018, until August 31st, 2019. We strongly recommend that both the winner of a thesis award and the nominator are present at the award ceremony. 

Nominations for the awards should consist of:

  • A nomination letter from the thesis supervisor (maximum of one page);
  • This letter contains the reasons the thesis is worthy of the award;
  • The letter includes the student name, thesis supervisor(s), thesis title, and institution granting the degree.
  • Thesis (in PDF format)
  • A short summary of the thesis (mandatory in English)
  • Curriculum vitae (in PDF format) of the nominee

Important Dates

  • 01-10-2019 Awards are announced, submission form open
  • 01-12-2019 Deadline for submission
  • 01-2-2020 Notification
  • February 2020 Award ceremony at SEN Symposium for the VERSEN Thesis Awards

Where can I get further information?
For further information about the awards, contact dr. Slinger Jansen (

Projects - Veni grant on "Composable and Safe-by-Construction Programming Language Definitions" for Casper Bach Poulsen

Casper Bach Poulsen (TU Delft) has been awarded an NWO Veni grant for his proposal entitled Composable and Safe-by-Construction Programming Language Definitions.

Type-checked languages are invaluable tools for developing complex software because they automatically guarantee the absence of certain errors. However, developing and extending type-checked languages is prohibitively hard. This project will develop techniques for safe-by-construction,composable language definitions to facilitate the developmentof new and improved languages.

Congrats Casper!

Projects - Software Engineering for Machine Learning Applications

As part of the HBO-postdoc grant Applied Data Science: slimme ICT-producten die leren van data, Petra Heck (Fontys Applied University) set out to investigate how software engineering changes when engineering AI-enabled systems. She is looking for other people working on this topic.

See this post for contact details. 

Awards and prizes - Moritz Beller wins IPA Best Dissertation Award 2018

Moritz Beller wins the IPA Best Dissertation Award 2018 for his PhD thesis entitled An Empirical Evaluation of Feedback-Driven Software Development, in which he investigates how software developers deal with feedback during the development process. To this end he performed empirical research on how software developers deal with testing. He developed an infrastructure supporting automatic telemetry, and used this infrastructure for large scale analysis of software developers' behaviour. Results of his research have lead to improvements in frequently used software development environments (Eclipse en IntelliJ), as well as in the Delft computer science curriculum. 


Awards and prizes - Best paper and presentation award at ESEC/FSE'19 Doctoral Symposium for Jasper Denkers

Jasper Denkers, a PhD student from the TU Delft Programming Languages research group, recently received both the best paper and best presentation award at the ESEC/FSE'19 Doctoral Symposium. The paper discusses his PhD progress and plans on A longitudinal field study on creation and use of domain-specific languages in industry.


New people & guests - 4 Tenure Track Positions - Information Technology Group at Wageningen University

Are you an expert in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Data Science or Business Information Technology? Are you interested in contributing to the development of smart socio-technical systems? Are you willing to excel further in your career in a vibrant research environment which supports excellence, innovation and collaboration?

We are looking for you!

Wageningen University is a top-class university, ranking among the world's leading institutions in the food, agriculture and environmental domains. The Information Technology (INF) group at Wageningen University is doing research on the topics of smart systems development, and system-of-systems engineering, which is primarily centered in the life sciences domain. In this context, we focus on software engineering, data science, and socio-technical systems. In the last years, the group has rapidly grown and developed a solid research agenda on smart systems engineering. To further strengthen our research and education activities, the INF group invites applications for four tenure track assistant professor positions in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Business Information Technology

Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from: Bedir Tekinerdogan
E-mail address: 


PhD defences - PhD defence of Gabriƫl Konat @TUDelft

Gabriël Konat will defend his PhD thesis titled "Language-Parametric Methods for Developing Interactive Programming Systems" on November 18 at 15:00, location Aula Congress Centre, Delft University of Technology.

Hi PhD thesis is about language-parametric methods for developing interactive programming systems. A language-parametric method takes as input a description of a programming language (such as a DSL), and automatically implements (parts of) an interactive programming system, reducing development effort, thereby making programming language development more feasible.


Next events - ICT with Industry 2020 - call for Participation

We invite you to participate to the ICT With Industry Lorentz Center workshop in January 20–24 2020.

The workshop brings together scientists and professionals from industry and governments. The workshop revolves around five exiting case studies, which are subject to an intense week of analyzing, discussing, and modeling solutions.

You will be part of a team of 5 to 8 dedicated researchers from various ICT-disciplines, actively collaborating on one of the cases during the week.

What challenging case studies are available?

  • Sound and Vision: Scaping Generous Interfaces for Audiovisual Heritage Collections
  • Atos/HOMIE: Wash program prediction
  • KB (Royal Library): Improving Access to Early Modern Gothic Texts with NLP and Machine Learning
  • RTL Nederland: Multimodal Emotion Recognition
  • TNO: Create Multi-Purpose Digital Twins for Industry that are a factor 1000 cheaper than current approaches

Lorentz Center does not charge registration fees. Lorentz Center also provides hotel accommodations free of charge and all food and drinks during the workshop are free of charge.

Student credits the SIKS, IPA and ASCI research schools provide credits for PhD students participating in the workshop. At the end of the workshop NWO will issue a letter of attendance upon request.

You can register by 17 November 2018 via the workshop webpage:


Next events - Call for Participation FACS 2019 at CWI, Amsterdam

The 16th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software (FACS 2019) will be held 23-25 October 2019 at CWI in Amsterdam. FACS 2019 is concerned with how formal methods can be applied to component-based software and system development, including (but not limited to) service-oriented and cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, and the Internet of Things.

This year's program includes keynotes by Carlo Ghezzi, Kim Larsen, and Wan Fokkink; a tutorial on mCRL2 by Jan Friso Groote and Tim Willemse; and presentations of twelve carefully selected papers. See

Early registration is open until 4 October. (Student members of IPA are eligible for a reduced registration fee of only 200 EUR.) See

Next events - International Workshop on Software Measurement (Haarlem, October 7-9)

Are you involved in estimation of effort and costs for IT deliveries or the Value management of your organization? Then don't miss this opportunity in Haarlem to learn from international professionals and to expand your professional network.
This year's IWSM conference features over 50 different presentations in three tracks (research, industry and training). In the training track all modules of the new Software Cost Estimating certification scheme will be covered to help you prepare for certification.


Next events - BENEVOL 2019 in Brussels

The goal of BENEVOL is to bring together researchers from Belgium, the Netherlands, and neighboring countries that are working in the field of software evolution and maintenance. BENEVOL offers an informal forum to meet and to discuss new ideas, important problems and obtained research results.

See for more information. It's a free and open event but registration is necessary. This year's edition is organized on November 28th and 29th. 


Next events - Digital Architecture Design Day 2019

The Digital Architecture Design Day (DADD 2019) will be held on Thursday November 14 - 2019 at the Congress centre 1931 's-Hertogenbosch

Digital Architecture Design Day is a community driven event that will reveal the best ways of putting strategy into practice for information intensive, medium to large sized ecosystems that deal with a complex environment. Our goal is achieving sustainable change and coherent solutions by exchanging visions from global thought leaders, best practices, learnings and ideas. Digital Architecture Design Day is a one day conference festival incl. evening program and walking dinner: playground of creativity, innovation and hands-on experiences. People come for the insight, but stay for the networking and fun!

Next events - ICT.Open 2020

The field of ICT is rapidly developing. There are many open research questions and new opportunities to apply research results to further transform and improve our society. To bring together fundamental ICT research as well as novel and innovative applications of ICT research, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the ICT Research Platform for the Netherlands (IPN) are organising ICT.OPEN.

ICT.OPEN 2020 will take place on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 March 2020.

Stay tuned!


News - Bad Month for Large Software Systems

In the past month we have experienced some relatively large failures of software systems. The most prominent was perhaps the failure of the national emergency phone number 112, which was caused by a problem in one of the underlying routing systems.

A second problem was the failure at Albert Heijn of a firewall, which blocked all traffic, including a product data update to the bar code scanners of the company.

For more information, check out the following news items (sorry for Dutch):


Next events - SEN Symposium 2020

The sixth Dutch national symposium on software engineering (SEN Symposium ) will be held on Friday January 31st, 2020 in Amsterdam.

After the success of the SEN Symposium of 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, we cordially invite you to the sixth edition.

At this conference we bring together the Dutch software engineering community. We expect to offer talks by the following invited speakers:

  • Wil van der Aalst, RWTH Aachen University
  • Vasilios Andrikopoulos, University of Groningen
  • Dino Distefano, Facebook
  • Alexandra Silva, University College London
  • Tanja Vos, Open University
  • Jan van Zoest, Royal Philips 

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