Software Engineering Nederland


We need your help. Please contact the VERSEN board ( with any ideas about how we can make the software engineering community in the Netherlands more successful.

SEN-Symposium and Board Meeting

After the SEN-Symposium on January 20th 2017, the VERSEN board came together in a standup meeting. We reemphasized that software engineers have impact, responsibility, networks, and that we need to be heard more, be more visible, and need to work together more. We are always looking for volunteers. Please find our open idea box here. If you want to contribute in another way, please contact the board through


At ICT.Open 2017 most of the tracks had strong software engineering components in them. For instance, Kerstin Eder from the University of Bristol talked about enabling software engineers to control energy efficiency through the software stack in her keynote. Also, in the security track PhD student Riccardo Bortolameotti, talked about the risks of transitive package dependencies in a rapidly evolving ecosystem NPM. Next year we will organize a special VERSEN track, in cooperation with all research schools, to help bring focus to our “crosscutting” theme.

VERSEN Now Member of IPN

VERSEN is now a special member of IPN, the Netherlands association for ICT Research. Our formal representative is Patricia Lago (VU). Also from our midst, Tijs van der Storm, Mark van den Brand and Slinger Jansen are representing us in the same council.


VICI for Marieke Huisman

Marieke Huisman managed to acquire a VICI for her work on software reliability. More information can be found here.


This year, Utrecht University organized the BENEVOL Symposium, a meeting between Belgian and Dutch scientists on software evolution. BENEVOL 2016 was a success. We managed to attract 45 participants, who attended a two day program with 23 talks and two keynotes. Both the attendants and the speakers were a healthy mix of junior and senior researchers. BENEVOL 2017 will be organized in Antwerpen.

Upcoming Events

What role can you play for VERSEN in an upcoming event? If you are active in the Landelijk Architectuur Congres (LAC) or the CIO platform we would like to hear from you.


KNVI - Dutch Association for Information Professionals

Since january 1st, the professional organisations in ICT NGI-NGN and KNVI have merged into KNVI - the royal society of information professionals. VERSEN and KNVI are planning to host frequent sessions (quarterly) on topics in software engineering. We are now looking for ambitious speakers (PhD candidates, post-docs, UDs) to present their interests to an audience of practitioners. Please contact Slinger Jansen (


Several universities currently have positions for software engineering researchers. Please see the vacancies here:

Assistant Professor @ Open University

Full Professor Database Technology @ Delft University

Scientific Programmer @ Utrecht University

Web Services and Geosciences Expert @ Wageningen University

Six assistant professors @ Utrecht University

Assistant professor in Software Engineering at @ TU Delft