Winners VERSEN PhD Thesis Award

Name Thesis Title and Download Link University Supervisors Year Award
dr. Moritz Beller

An Empirical Evaluation of Feedback-Driven Software Development (pdf)

TU Delft

Prof. dr. Andy Zaidman
Dr. Georgios Gousios
Prof. dr. Arie van Deursen

2019 1
dr. Marcus Gerhold

Choice and Chance: Model-Based Testing of Stochastic Behaviour (pdf)

University of Twente

Prof. dr. Marielle Stoelinga
Prof. dr. Jaco van de Pol

2019 2
dr. Vincent Bloemen Strong Connectivity and Shortest Paths for Checking Models (pdf) University of Twente

Prof. dr. Jaco van de Pol
Prof. dr. Wil van der Aalst

2019 3

dr. Paul Fiterau Brostean

Active Model Learning for the Analysis of Network Protocols (pdf)

Radboud University Nijmegen

Prof. dr. Frits Vaandrager 2018 1
Elvira Maria Arvanitou Proposing and Empirically Validating Change Impact Analysis Metrics (pdf)
University of Groningen Prof. dr. Paris Avgeriou 2018 2
Garm Lucassen Understanding User Stories (pdf)
Utrecht University Dr. Fabiano Dalpiaz 2018 3


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